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Special features of the Parapulser

Technische kenmerken Parapulser - Features

Time saving treatment and application of harmonic frequency patterns due to adjustable pulse frequencies from 1 to 20 Hz (60 to 1200 / min.).
Extremely strong magnetic induction, due to a magnetic flux density of 0.66 Tesla (6600 Gauss) and specially accelerated pulse falling for maximum pulse sharpness (see comparison).
Continuous operation up to 10,000 pulses without overheating.
Adjustable polarity: north pole, south pole, alternating poles.
Capacitor lifetime of 5 billion chargings (apprx. 8 years continuous pulsing at 20 Hz).
Fail-safe temperature monitoring of the magnet coil.
Runs on 12V power supply.
Programming interface for easy software updates and individual programming needs.

Werkwijze Kenmerken - Handling Features

Default frequencies: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 20 Hz.
12 memory allocations for individual frequencies with three decimal places (eg Schumann frequency of 7.84 Hz).
Acoustic pulse counter for precise dosage control, fixed intervals of 10, 50 and 100 and programmable interval from 10-9999.
Individually adjustable volume of various sound signals.
Strap for safe handling (Protection from falling).

Technische gegevens - Technical Data

Pulse frequency: 1 to 20 Hz.
Flux density: 0.66 Tesla (6600 Gauss).
Pulse raise time: 0.82 ms.
Pulse fall time: 0.72 ms.
Dimensions: L: 214 mm, W: 62 mm, height coil head: 65.7 mm.
Total weight: 875 g
Coil weight: 575 g
Power consumption: 2-45 W (stand by: 0.5 W)
Input voltage: 10.8 - 16 V DC
Power adapter: 110 - 220 V AC
Operation on rechargeable batteries: optional.
See comparison for further details.
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